Do you NEED to sell or know someone
that NEEDS to Sell? We can help you!

Need to sell your Buffalo house fast?!? We’d like to make you a fair ALL-CASH offer.   We buy houses in Buffalo, NY and New York State in any condition… "AS-IS"… HELP US take over the burden of YOUR UNWANTED property.
We Want to Buy Your House FAST!
Guaranteed Offer in 72 hours

Our mission statement of Nickel City Buyers, LLC is to bring opportunity to solving Real Estate problems. Whether it’s a difficult financial situation or lifestyle change, we will produce a solution that is beneficial at no additional cost to you! Our goal is to bring peace of mind back to you our clients. Selling your buffalo real estate is a chance to remove some of the burdens you no longer need. All we ask at Nickel City Buyers, LLC is the chance to have a conversation with us that may actually be life-changing to help you through this time. Our real estate specialties include:
We Can Help You In...
• Foreclosure Avoidance
• Debt Removal or Renegotiation
• Refinancing Homes in Foreclosure
• Sell Your Property Without Realtor Commissions
• Resolving Title Issues
• Bankruptcy
• Over-leveraged Properties
• Judgments or Outside Liens
• Little or No Equity Sales
• Vacant Properties
• Probate Property
• Divorce
• Behind on Payment
• Environmental or Structural Problems
• Apartment & House Rental Specialists

Don't hesitate to CALL US NOW!

All consultations are completely confidential, free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation. We work with each client and explore all possible options.

We are Real Estate experts helping provide solutions to your existing real estate problems. Nickel City Buyers, LLC is one of the best companies that buy houses. Our reputation and testimonials from customers just like you are examples on how we at Nickel City Buyers, LLC Care about your situation. CALL US TODAY so we can discuss your situation immediately.

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Who typically sells their house to Nickel City Buyers, LLC?

That’s a great question. People sell their houses to us for a variety of reasons.
  1. They may need to sell inherited property quickly.
  2. They simply want to unload rental property with difficult renters.
  3. They may be relocating to another area and don’t want to have the headache of the typical drawn-out selling process.
  4. They may be going through a divorce and need to get as many liquid assets as possible.
  5. They may be behind on mortgage payments.
  6. They may be facing foreclosure.
  7. They may want to avoid wasting time or money making necessary repairs.
One thing that all of these people have in common is that they want to sell their house fast to a local, family-owned, honest company. They want a quick, hassle-free sale of their house that will allow them to move to their next phase of their life quickly.

How does your house buying process usually work?

  1. First, you give us some brief information about your house by completing the form above, or calling 716-261-CASH.
  2. One of us will contact you to arrange a visit of your house.
  3. You’ll have a chance to ask whatever additional questions are on your mind.
  4. We’ll make our 100% Best Cash Offer based on the market value of your house.
  5. We will make an offer within 72 hours if it’s meets our guidelines.
  6. If you accept our no-obligation, no-risk cash offer, we’ll jump into action to get you a closing so you can get your house and sell your home fast.

How do you determine the value of my house?

We consider a variety of factors when determining a cash price for your house, such as:
  1. The current condition of your house
  2. The cost and extent of repairs and renovations required
  3. The amount of time it will take to complete needed repairs and renovations
  4. The retail value of your house compared to others in the area after completing repairs and renovations
  5. The cost of maintaining the house during repairs and renovations until it’s ready to put on the market, including insurance, taxes, loan payments, utilities, and more
And you can be sure that we always give our 100% Best Offer.

What is your Best Offer Guarantee?

We don’t like to play games, or make you feel like you’re in a price negotiation. That’s why we promise to give you our very best offer the first time. We’ll just tell you how much cash we can give you. And you decide if it’s right for you. There’s no obligation and no risk.

Am I obligated in any way if I send you my information for a cash offer?

No. Nope. No way. This cash offer is completely risk-free, and is offered at no-obligation to you. We are so confident that we can offer you more than national franchises, that we’re more than happy to tell you how much we’ll pay.

Will I have to pay any fees for you to buy my house?

You won’t have to pay a dime. Ever.


Thank you so much for helping us sell our home. You did everything in your power to put a difficult situation behind us. We appreciate you always being there for us and answering all our questions. Thank you!
Mr & Mrs. McGrath
New York
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